Things Found Growing in Gutters

May 6, 2015 Laura MacCormac

We have found many things growing in gutters.

Gutters are Important

They drain water off the roof and funnel it out of the way so it’s not pouring on your tenants when they enter and exit the building when it’s raining. To keep them working, they have to be kept clear of debris and leaves. Even with gutter guards the debris will build up and slow things down.
When gutters aren’t cleaned out regularly we find all kinds of things growing in them.
Leaves don’t take long to build up and clog drain holes.

Leaves can clog the gutter

If left to decompose, all kinds of things can grow in the gutters.

Here are some thing found growing in gutters:

Plants can grow in the gutter

Plants can make gutters look more like planters than gutters.

Plants can grow in the gutter

We’ve seen all kinds of things growing in gutters.

Grass can grow in the gutter

Here’s my personal nightmare: realizing there’s a wasp nest in your gutter.  It happens right here in the lower mainland.

We found a wasp nest in the gutter

Can you believe this went unnoticed?

A tree growing from the gutter corner

Gutters are the forgotten child sometimes.  If left too long you could also end up in this situation.

hoes rusted out in the gutter

We can install gutter guards.  For unique shapes and sizes we can make custom gutters and gutter inserts in our sheet metal shop.

Gutter guard



We make custom gutter guards

Even with gutter guards it’s important to have them checked every couple years.

So our advice is to be sure those gutters are all being cleaned regularly.

Always consider liabilities when you’re getting gutters serviced.




How safe are the workers?

  1. Are they trained in fall protection?
  2. Do they have ladder safety training?
  3. Do they need to use a harness?
  4. Are they aware of power lines and other potential hazards?
  5. Are they trained to deal with dead rodents and birds, sharp objects, insect infestations, all kinds of nests including wasp nests?

Not every company will practice such protocols.  We recommend you check on this and avoid having accidents happen on your property.



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