The Lookout Housing and Health Society Makes a Difference in the Lower Mainland

January 20, 2022 Laura MacCormac




The Lookout Society provides housing and a range of support services to adults with low or no income who have few, if any, housing or support options. Because they have challenges in meeting needs and goals,  barriers to accessing their services are minimal. The Lookout Society has 1,750 housing and shelter units in 55 buildings including 23 emergency shelters. They serve thousands more people through programs in 15 municipalities.

This Organization transforms peoples’ lives. They help people with all kinds of issues that have led them to become homeless: issues like poverty, disabilities, mental illness, addiction and social integration issues.

They provide health services and help people gain skills and find employment. Check out their website to find out more.

Giving back to the community is important to us and we’ve been supporting the Lookout Housing and Health Society as they make a big difference in the Lower Mainland.  On January 19th we donated $10,000.

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