The Importance of Proper Ventilation for Industrial Roofing

May 3, 2012 Laura MacCormac

Flat roofs are typically the top choice for commercial and industrial roofing. While it is both a common and efficient choice, there are some specific problems which can arise when a flat roof is improperly ventilated, often leading to a costly emergency roof repair.

Because the roof consists of multiple layers of nearly impermeable materials, it is possible for moisture to become trapped between these layers, leading to the degradation of the materials and the eventual need for an emergency roof repair.

At the very least, this moisture affects the insulation’s ability to properly regulate the building’s heating and cooling system, leading to a significant increase in the building owner’s power consumption.

This moisture can be trapped during the construction process and can leak in through cracks in the roof’s surface, or permeate the roof from below in the form of vapour. Luckily, a good commercial roofing repair company can help ensure your flat roof is properly ventilated.

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The installation of vents has been of great benefit to many business owners looking to extend the life of their industrial roofing, and is offered by a wide range of commercial roofing repair companies.

These vents are usually installed in one or more rows, based upon the idea of the lateral movement of moisture through the insulation. They consist of upward piping, capped with a rounded or peaked cover, which penetrates the industrial roofing membrane at specially reconstructed and sealed points.

To avoid a costly emergency roof repair, it is obviously best to ensure proper ventilation during the construction phase of an industrial roof, but for business owners who have concerns about their current industrial roof, it is good to know that there are post-construction options available to them as well. By contacting a reputable commercial roofing repair company, it is possible to add years to the life of a flat roof, saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars along the way.

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