Hot Rubber Roofing According to the Pros

Any business seeking to replace or install a roof on a commercial or industrial project will consider hot rubber roofing. The reasons are plentiful, as it is pretty much a standard in roofing no matter where you look. In this case, we will examine it through the eyes of one of the leaders in the field. Design Roofing has been a commercial contractor in Vancouver for almost three decades and among their many services offered, they make use of hot rubber. The system is called TREMproof 6100 which is ideal for concrete surfaces and waterproofing.

Hot Melt Rubber Waterproofing

The hot rubber roofing system is designed to withstand the elements and has impressive durability as well as flexibility. The adhesive offers great coverage and compensates for any structural movement, making it an extremely reliable way to keep your roof from being compromised over time. For a roofing contractor in Vancouver like Design Roofing, the superior waterproofing capabilities of their hot rubber application is the perfect shield against such a rainy climate. It also complements their long-standing tradition to quality and excellence in roofing. A roof that is properly installed will save clients many hassles and avoid expensive maintenance costs in the future.


Doing your homework: The first steps to hiring a roofing contractor in Vancouver

To a business owner, taking the first steps in hiring a roofer when renovating their building or creating a new development can be, at best, a stressful and time-consuming affair. Finding the right fit in searching for a commercial contractor takes many variables into account. Competitive pricing, a history of quality work, and great service are all important factors in this process and help build toward a positive and professional long-term relationship. However, working toward that initial momentum can sometimes be an uphill battle. Potential customers can be wary, fueled by cautionary tales of shoddy workmanship and unscrupulous builders. Thankfully, we can always count on word of mouth – both online and out in the real world – to help guide our decisions in choosing a trustworthy local roofing company.

In a field where reputation plays an important factor, Design Roofing sets the standard for quality through innovative design. Offering an honest and personable touch to an array of services such as roof maintenance and the installation of flat roofs, sheet metal roofing and rubber roofing is the foundation of thisVancouverroofing company. With a tradition of excellence spanning close to 30 years, their dedication to serving their clients in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is proven with such courtesies as 24-hour emergency service and real time solutions, providing piece of mind and a sense of security in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

As a long-time member of the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC), the company makes a visible effort in presenting itself as a leader in professional quality work by licensed technicians. Additionally, they ensure that all of their technicians pass a certification through the Construction Safety Association of British Columbia (CSABC) and adhere to the strictest safety codes.  Their longstanding commitment to their clients has earned them accolades from architects, property owners and managers alike.

Design Roofing boasts an impressive portfolio that can be seen across theVancouverarea. The Park Royal Home Depot, Olympic Village, and The British-Columbia Institute of Technology round out a list of great customers that have experienced the difference an expertly trained commercial roofing company can make. The market for great craftsmanship for new structures and for maintenance is ever-growing due to a simple understanding that long-term savings are directly related to a job done right. With almost three decades of superior work under their tool belt, it’s safe to say that their staying power is a testament to a true mastery of their craft and a well-deserved reputation as one of the best roofing companies in the area.

Deciding who will take charge of such an important and potentially costly project as roof management can be daunting. Taking the time to research all the potential contractors and comparing them to one and other will always be the smartest course of action. After you’ve gone down a long checklist of criteria, you’ll have it narrowed down to a handful of companies simply because they consistently provide a remarkable service. Companies exactly like Design Roofing.


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