Roofing Specialists Recommend Thorough Summer Inspections

For both homeowners and business owners alike, the thought of performing preventative maintenance on one’s rooftop may not occur until a leak has sprung and it is too late for anything beyond emergency response measures; something roofing specialists say they see all too often.

A few small drops of condensation and moisture may not seem like a big deal during the sweltering heat of summer, but it is during these warm months that action must be taken in order to avoid potential disaster when the frigid cold of a Northern winter settles in once again. As most of us learned in elementary school science class, water expands when it freezes. If this water happens to be contained within a commercial or residential rooftop at the moment this freezing occurs, there is a good chance that whatever it is that is containing this water will crack, splinter, or even burst.

From roofing joists to plumbing, there simply are not a whole lot of places within a building’s structure where this would be considered a good thing. According to most roofing specialists, the number one cause of preventable damage to one’s roof is small, seemingly harmless permeations in a roof’s surface.

For this reason, roofing specialists recommend a thorough summertime inspection be performed each and every year. With an expert eye, damage can be located and corrected long before the harmful effects of winter have a chance to settle in. Not only can this save headaches and costly repair bills in the future, it can literally stop a business from having to shut its doors for several months or more. For residential roofs, the stakes are obviously even higher, as no one wants to see a family out on the street because of easily preventable water damage.

Much like other aspects of property maintenance, the trick is to simply stay ahead of the game by preventing problems before they occur…and hiring an expert team to perform thorough inspections is the only way to start.

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Design Roofing : In the business of keeping a roof over your head

Any business owner can agree that everything just seems to run smoother when weather isn’t a factor. However, few entrepreneurs look back on just how the cold and harsh conditions have worn down the integrity of their building’s structure, which is especially important for roofs. Damage from drastic climate changes can cause splits and cracks, which end up costing companies much more than a simple upkeep. Professional, certified roofing contractors make it their business to ensure that staying on top of your maintenance needs are a simple matter.

Design Roofing is a premier commercial roofing company that has catered to the people of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for more than 25 years. As leaders in their field, they know the importance regular preventative maintenance has in avoiding damage caused by the passing seasons. Potentially expensive situations can be averted by their team of passionate and qualified re-roofing experts. To them, whether it be sheet metal, shingle or flat roof repairs, prevention is the key to cost-effective solutions and long-term durability.

Maintaining a positive image in the eyes of their community has been no accident. As a long-time member of the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia ( RCABC ), their commitment to client satisfaction by providing professional service has earned them accolades from their peers. Additionally, they ensure that all of their technicians pass a certification through the Construction Safety Association of British Columbia ( CSABC ) and adhere to the strictest safety codes.

With the many reservations that come with hiring a contractor, understanding the needs of the client is what sets Design Roofing apart. Along with 24-hour emergency service, the company offers Real Time Solutions, a system that allows the on-site roofing specialists to communicate their notes along with photos of the building to the head office; keeping their customer apprised almost instantly. These and other unique services are why they have earned a reputation as a trustworthy business in the Vancouver area.

With the coming spring, regular preventative maintenance is imperative as it will save you a lot of money and heartache. If that isn’t incentive enough, the practice of regular check-ups helps keeps the environment green. Making the effort to keep your roof’s longevity will avert a costly replacement and keep damaged, unusable materials from being discarded. And, as a native of the west coast, the Vancouver-based roofing contractor proves that environmentally-conscious thinking keeps their city looking bright.

Design Roofing will help your company with the most important item on your spring cleaning checklist. Let their experts convince you that the foundation of a good business starts on top.


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