Ventilation is Key to Avoiding Emergency Roof Repair

Hot summer weather means that commercial roofing contractors across the country are gearing up for another busy season. For obvious reasons, the majority of roof services are performed during the warmer season, since accessibility makes for a much easier workload.

What many people do not realize, however, is that the extremes of hot and cold faced by many Canadian businesses can also cause a unique set of challenges when it comes to commercial roofing. Because of the wide range of temperatures faced by buildings in Canada, condensation is of particular importance when looking to avoid premature damage and accumulation of water.

Often times, the problem goes completely unnoticed until it is too late and emergency roof repairs are needed. What many business owners report as a leaking roof often turns out to be a simple case of too much condensation gathering within the roof, and then subsequently dripping down into the place of business and potentially destroying stock.

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Luckily, there are preventative measures that business owners can take. By investing in basic roof services that include the application of proper ventilation, they can save themselves both money and stress. A reputable commercial roofing company, like Design Roofing, is able to provide these roof services at a fraction of the cost compared to the expense of last-minute emergency roof repairs.

By simply adjusting the number of vents, the majority of future emergency roof repairs can be easily avoided. By providing an outlet for water as it evaporates, proper ventilation allows water vapour to escape back into the atmosphere, rather than pooling within the roof structure before plummeting back down towards valuable stock and merchandise.

In addition to providing additional vents, most commercial roofing companies will also take the opportunity to adjust and fix any soffiting issues (these can also lead to the accumulation of water in inopportune locations).

By providing basic roof services and maintenance, companies like Vancouver’s Design Roofing are able to solve ventilation issues long before they accumulate. With so much riding on a business’s physical condition, not taking the proper steps to avoid damage can quickly lead to disaster. Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring the safety and integrity of any commercial rooftop, particularly in the heat of summer and cold of winter. Ventilation, to avoid condensation, can make all the difference between small maintenance costs and picking up the bill for a completely brand new roof.