The Lowest Price: Is It Your Best Choice?

Who doesn’t like to save money? The answer to that is most likely no one, we all want to save money where we can. Certain things like kitchen gadgets, clothing, furniture etc. make sense to save money on and for the most part we do not think twice when we find a price for the same item at a different place that is significantly cheaper. We quickly snag up the item, some of us may even do a little victory dance (usually on the inside) and walk out of the store proud of ourselves.

However, this mentality tends to shift when it comes to much bigger purchases like a car or a house. If there was a huge difference in the price of two identical cars, one would begin to wonder; or should wonder, what is wrong with this cheaper car? Why are they wanting to sell it at such a lower cost? Has it been in many accidents? Are there faulty parts? The same goes for a home. If for some reason two exactly the same homes went up for sale right beside each other but one was $10,000 cheaper would you not wonder what is wrong with that home? Why are the owners willing to sell for less? Is it faulty in some sort of way? Does it have a hidden termite problem? Are there issues with the foundation that they hope you do not find out about after the purchase?

In both of these scenarios, you would end up kicking yourself for choosing the cheaper option to save money at the time of purchase when unforeseen repairs and issues arise shortly after.

A roof is a large investment that is undeniable. But when you put it in perspective, the roof represents approximately 5 – 7 % of capital building costs. However, what it does cover is 100% of the building and everything we choose to put inside. Therefore, when we choose a company to put on a new roof for us, we should be careful of the urge to save money. If you are getting pricing for the exact same roof, a much lower price does not always mean you are getting a deal. If the price is for the exact same roof system, the companies are getting their material from the same places. So one has to wonder where are they cutting the costs? Is there something someone is missing that I will end up paying for after as an “unforeseen” cost? Are they using trained professionals to install this new roof? Or are they just letting regular labourers “figure it out”?

Roofing Tip # 2: Always be wary of saving money on such investments like a roof. While you may at times save money initially, later on the repair costs for improperly installed roof systems add up to much more. Nobody wants a new roof to look like the image below.

Blog 2 Image - Lowest Price Is Not Always Best