The Lowest Price: Is It Your Best Choice?

Who doesn’t like to save money? The answer to that is most likely no one, we all want to save money where we can. Certain things like kitchen gadgets, clothing, furniture etc. make sense to save money on and for the most part we do not think twice when we find a price for the same item at a different place that is significantly cheaper. We quickly snag up the item, some of us may even do a little victory dance (usually on the inside) and walk out of the store proud of ourselves.

However, this mentality tends to shift when it comes to much bigger purchases like a car or a house. If there was a huge difference in the price of two identical cars, one would begin to wonder; or should wonder, what is wrong with this cheaper car? Why are they wanting to sell it at such a lower cost? Has it been in many accidents? Are there faulty parts? The same goes for a home. If for some reason two exactly the same homes went up for sale right beside each other but one was $10,000 cheaper would you not wonder what is wrong with that home? Why are the owners willing to sell for less? Is it faulty in some sort of way? Does it have a hidden termite problem? Are there issues with the foundation that they hope you do not find out about after the purchase?

In both of these scenarios, you would end up kicking yourself for choosing the cheaper option to save money at the time of purchase when unforeseen repairs and issues arise shortly after.

A roof is a large investment that is undeniable. But when you put it in perspective, the roof represents approximately 5 – 7 % of capital building costs. However, what it does cover is 100% of the building and everything we choose to put inside. Therefore, when we choose a company to put on a new roof for us, we should be careful of the urge to save money. If you are getting pricing for the exact same roof, a much lower price does not always mean you are getting a deal. If the price is for the exact same roof system, the companies are getting their material from the same places. So one has to wonder where are they cutting the costs? Is there something someone is missing that I will end up paying for after as an “unforeseen” cost? Are they using trained professionals to install this new roof? Or are they just letting regular labourers “figure it out”?

Roofing Tip # 2: Always be wary of saving money on such investments like a roof. While you may at times save money initially, later on the repair costs for improperly installed roof systems add up to much more. Nobody wants a new roof to look like the image below.

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Hiring Roof Services in the Summertime Makes All the Difference

When it comes to commercial roofing, one of the most common problems is neglect. Because the roof of a building is so often out of sight, potential problems are often overlooked until it is too late. Emergency roof repair services then become necessary.

With the hot summer months upon us, companies providing roof services are in full operation. With the sun beating down day after day, it is not uncommon for the heat to cause blistering in a commercial roofing membrane. When these blisters crack, it provides the perfect opportunity for water and other elements to penetrate the building, often causing significant damage and leading to costly emergency roof repair costs.

By scheduling regular roof services and maintenance during the late summer months, a business owner fully prepares themselves for the oncoming fall and winter. By the time ice and snow begin to accumulate, the cost of any emergency roof repairs climbs quickly due of the increased number of hours required to perform the job.

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Of course, timing is not the only item that should concern business owners when it comes to roof maintenance. Ensuring that only qualified, certified and experienced professionals are hired to perform the job should also be of prime concern to anyone looking to hire a roofing company. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that there are many unqualified people who present themselves as seasoned professionals. Business owners should double check the credentials and references of any company they choose to work with.

Firms like Design Roofing, based in Vancouver, offer a full array of commercial roofing services to satisfy just about any business owner’s needs. From installation to ongoing services and maintenance, to emergency roof repair, Design Roofing has consistently earned the right to be considered as the gold standard in Canadian roofing companies.

With the summer heat beating down day after day, roof damage can accumulate quickly in the form of cracked membranes, leaving the door wide open for potential damage once the cooler fall weather arrives. To avoid further damage, loss of stock, and a wide variety of other headaches, smart business owners should act quickly to schedule

For Commercial Roofing, Summer Maintenance Prevents Winter Headaches

In the harsh northern climate of most Canadian cities, business owners must have the foresight to anticipate many weather related structural problems before they have the chance to accumulate, potentially leading to costly repairs. Nowhere is this concept more relevant than in the field of industrial roofing.

Although often out of sight, commercial roofing has the ability to become a real problem in a very short period of time. Because damage is often not noticed until accumulation has occurred, a faulty rooftop can easily cause tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage before ever being addressed.

Most roofing specialists recommend annual maintenance and check-ups to prevent this from occurring. Because commercial roofing is comprised of different building materials and is often subjected to different conditions than a home roof, it is highly recommended that a team of industrial roofing specialists, like those at Design Roofing, be called in to perform these yearly checks.

For commercial roofing in particular, these checks can be the difference between a small maintenance fee and the potential loss of thousands of dollars’ worth of stock and business hours. Because of temperature and weather conditions, these potential pitfalls are significantly easier to identify and address during the summer months.

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The warmth and lack of winter precipitation mean that industrial roofing repairs can be performed not only with better results, but also in significantly fewer hours. This not only saves the business owner money on billable hours, but also means that lost productivity is kept to an absolute minimum.

Of course, the roofing specialists at Design Roofing are able to work in all conditions when it comes to industrial roofing jobs. It is simply a matter of strategically timing certain maintenance tasks in order to provide the maximum value to their loyal clientele, and the warmer summer weather provides a perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

Industrial and commercial properties should have their rooftops inspected at a minimum of once per year for potential damage accumulation. From loose tiles, to damage cause by animals and weather, performing basic upkeep can easily save a business thousands of dollars in lost time and product. The summer provides the perfect opportunity to perform this basic maintenance without having to deal with the added cost and headaches associated with working through the harsh Canadian winter. The experts at Design Roofing have to expertise and experience needed to perform these tasks in a professional and efficient manner, potentially saving thousands of dollars along the way.

The Importance of Proper Ventilation for Industrial Roofing

Flat roofs are typically the top choice for commercial and industrial roofing. While it is both a common and efficient choice, there are some specific problems which can arise when a flat roof is improperly ventilated, often leading to a costly emergency roof repair.

Because the roof consists of multiple layers of nearly impermeable materials, it is possible for moisture to become trapped between these layers, leading to the degradation of the materials and the eventual need for an emergency roof repair.

At the very least, this moisture affects the insulation’s ability to properly regulate the building’s heating and cooling system, leading to a significant increase in the building owner’s power consumption.

This moisture can be trapped during the construction process and can leak in through cracks in the roof’s surface, or permeate the roof from below in the form of vapour. Luckily, a good commercial roofing repair company can help ensure your flat roof is properly ventilated.

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Design Roofing : In the business of keeping a roof over your head

Any business owner can agree that everything just seems to run smoother when weather isn’t a factor. However, few entrepreneurs look back on just how the cold and harsh conditions have worn down the integrity of their building’s structure, which is especially important for roofs. Damage from drastic climate changes can cause splits and cracks, which end up costing companies much more than a simple upkeep. Professional, certified roofing contractors make it their business to ensure that staying on top of your maintenance needs are a simple matter.

Design Roofing is a premier commercial roofing company that has catered to the people of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for more than 25 years. As leaders in their field, they know the importance regular preventative maintenance has in avoiding damage caused by the passing seasons. Potentially expensive situations can be averted by their team of passionate and qualified re-roofing experts. To them, whether it be sheet metal, shingle or flat roof repairs, prevention is the key to cost-effective solutions and long-term durability.

Maintaining a positive image in the eyes of their community has been no accident. As a long-time member of the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia ( RCABC ), their commitment to client satisfaction by providing professional service has earned them accolades from their peers. Additionally, they ensure that all of their technicians pass a certification through the Construction Safety Association of British Columbia ( CSABC ) and adhere to the strictest safety codes.

With the many reservations that come with hiring a contractor, understanding the needs of the client is what sets Design Roofing apart. Along with 24-hour emergency service, the company offers Real Time Solutions, a system that allows the on-site roofing specialists to communicate their notes along with photos of the building to the head office; keeping their customer apprised almost instantly. These and other unique services are why they have earned a reputation as a trustworthy business in the Vancouver area.

With the coming spring, regular preventative maintenance is imperative as it will save you a lot of money and heartache. If that isn’t incentive enough, the practice of regular check-ups helps keeps the environment green. Making the effort to keep your roof’s longevity will avert a costly replacement and keep damaged, unusable materials from being discarded. And, as a native of the west coast, the Vancouver-based roofing contractor proves that environmentally-conscious thinking keeps their city looking bright.

Design Roofing will help your company with the most important item on your spring cleaning checklist. Let their experts convince you that the foundation of a good business starts on top.


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Doing your homework: The first steps to hiring a roofing contractor in Vancouver

To a business owner, taking the first steps in hiring a roofer when renovating their building or creating a new development can be, at best, a stressful and time-consuming affair. Finding the right fit in searching for a commercial contractor takes many variables into account. Competitive pricing, a history of quality work, and great service are all important factors in this process and help build toward a positive and professional long-term relationship. However, working toward that initial momentum can sometimes be an uphill battle. Potential customers can be wary, fueled by cautionary tales of shoddy workmanship and unscrupulous builders. Thankfully, we can always count on word of mouth – both online and out in the real world – to help guide our decisions in choosing a trustworthy local roofing company.

In a field where reputation plays an important factor, Design Roofing sets the standard for quality through innovative design. Offering an honest and personable touch to an array of services such as roof maintenance and the installation of flat roofs, sheet metal roofing and rubber roofing is the foundation of thisVancouverroofing company. With a tradition of excellence spanning close to 30 years, their dedication to serving their clients in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland is proven with such courtesies as 24-hour emergency service and real time solutions, providing piece of mind and a sense of security in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

As a long-time member of the Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia (RCABC), the company makes a visible effort in presenting itself as a leader in professional quality work by licensed technicians. Additionally, they ensure that all of their technicians pass a certification through the Construction Safety Association of British Columbia (CSABC) and adhere to the strictest safety codes.  Their longstanding commitment to their clients has earned them accolades from architects, property owners and managers alike.

Design Roofing boasts an impressive portfolio that can be seen across theVancouverarea. The Park Royal Home Depot, Olympic Village, and The British-Columbia Institute of Technology round out a list of great customers that have experienced the difference an expertly trained commercial roofing company can make. The market for great craftsmanship for new structures and for maintenance is ever-growing due to a simple understanding that long-term savings are directly related to a job done right. With almost three decades of superior work under their tool belt, it’s safe to say that their staying power is a testament to a true mastery of their craft and a well-deserved reputation as one of the best roofing companies in the area.

Deciding who will take charge of such an important and potentially costly project as roof management can be daunting. Taking the time to research all the potential contractors and comparing them to one and other will always be the smartest course of action. After you’ve gone down a long checklist of criteria, you’ll have it narrowed down to a handful of companies simply because they consistently provide a remarkable service. Companies exactly like Design Roofing.


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