Summer Weather Means Industrial Roofing Season is Here

June 12, 2013 Laura MacCormac

As the wet spring weather turns to blistering summer heat, more and more businesses are beginning to think about their industrial roofing needs. The ice and sleet of another Canadian winter has come and gone, and many of our commercial structures have come out of the four month freeze with just a little bit more wear and tear than they started the winter with.

So of course, the phones are beginning to ring off the hook at reputable roofing specialists’ across this great nation. From the balmy inland heat of Ontario to the humidity kissed West Coast, companies such as Design Roofing are beginning to see the wave of summer roofing needs reach its crest once again.

Particularly for those in need of industrial roofing work, the window for some of these repairs can actually be quite small. As any Canadian can tell you, the summer months simply never seem to last as long as they should, and the reality of doing good work on commercial rooftops is that it is always worth taking the time to do the job properly. When it comes to the roof over your head, one can never be too careful.

Most experts recommend scheduling summer work as early as possible, which means that for those hoping to take on those lingering industrial roofing projects, the time to call and set up an appointment with a reputable roofing specialist is now. Often times, roofers find that what appears to be a small permeation is actually allowing a good deal of moisture to penetrate the building. In the summertime, this damage can be minimalized quite easily, but once winter sets in, the freezing and expanding of this water can very quickly lead to an emergency situation.

Take it from those who know, if you’re waiting for the perfect moment to call in an expert to examine that industrial rooftop, the moment is here.

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Image courtesy of Flickr’s Scallop Holden


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