Storm Season Starts

September 15, 2016 Laura MacCormac

It’s here…storm season.  It usually spans from September until May or June.  The dark rainy days, wind storms and rain storms, falling trees and flying debris.  This is why it’s important to make sure that your buildings are protected by a solid, cared-for roof.  Book an assessment now.

We know maintenance is important.  We know it saves money.  Part of maintenance is getting the assessments done and now is the most important time of year to do so.

In 2015, nature knocked on our door, (or…roofs) earlier than usual.  Remember the big storm on August 29? People lost power for days.  Trees flew. Roofs were torn apart.  Floods resulted.  Our emergency line lit up and our roofers worked around the clock. Read more about last year’s storm.

The condition of the roof membrane is important.  Here are some common issues we find and fix and in doing so, save our customers money.

Roof debris

Heavy debris, including tree branches on the roof surface. This should be removed to prevent build up and damage.

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Moss retains water which leads to granule loss and deterioration of the roof system. The debris, including tree branches and the loose heavy moss It should be removed and a zinc sulphate solution should be applied to help inhibit future moss growth.

leaves in eavestrough

Clogged drain causes water build up

Debris clogging drains  and gutters prevents proper drainage and may cause leaks at these locations. The debris should be removed and the gutter drains checked to ensure that they are clear and free flowing.

Rust on roof hatch

Rust leads to holes.  Holes let in water.  Water damages.

rust on roof vent can lead to leaks

Rust forming on roof hatches and vents require re-sealing and waterproofing with RC2000 coating. This re-seals the rusted areas.

missing caulking on roof

Deteriorated caulking can be in a number of places and requires replacement to help prevent rusting and leaks. The deteriorated caulking should be removed and replaced with new caulking.

exposed fasteners will rust

Exposed nails or  fasteners require caulking to seal them to prevent rusting and leaks. Granules should be applied over the caulking to exposed fasteners on shingled roofs surfaces.

roof shingle is damaged

Damaged shingles need to be replaced in order to prevent leaks.

december 3, 2015 112445 am pst-resized-640

Dryer lint on the roof surface and vents is a fire hazard and is considered unsafe. The dryer lint needs to be removed to help mitigate the fire hazard.

These are the common things we find.  There are many other situations that can lead to roof damage and we find them when we assess the roof.


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