Safety is NOT an Option: Roofing is Not a DIY Job

September 30, 2014 Laura MacCormac


There are no excuses. Safety is paramount when it comes to doing any work.

When that work finds you several stories up at the edge of a building; that is not a time to try and do it yourself. “From 2004 through 2013, falls from a height in BC accounted for 92 worker deaths and 22,610 serious injuries; Carpenters, roofers, and labourers have the highest likelihood of falling at residential construction worksites, with falls from ladders and from roof/scaffolding being the most common” (

Many multi-unit residential* buildings tend to have on site caretakers that help keep the building and grounds tidy. While they are great for little repairs here and there, when it comes to performing repairs and work on such an important part of your building like the roof, it is always best to have a qualified trained professional performing the work. Not only is it a huge safety concern and liability to have someone perform work on your roof without proper equipment and safety gear, they can also cause damage to the roof. Repairs such as these will cost more than the potential money savings you got by doing it yourself. If that person happens to injure themselves while performing the work or even worse, the headaches and problems multiply exponentially.

The importance of hiring a trained roofing professional from a trusted and fully insured company cannot be stressed enough. Without the proper training in roof repairs, fall protection and safety protocol, the chances of a preventable injury increase. Always think before you start any work, if it is something you are not trained in, it is probably not something you should be trying to do on your own to save some money. Your life and safety should always come as a priority. Leaving the roofing work to professionals will save you a lot more than just money especially if a preventable injury happens.

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