Nightmare on the Roof

January 30, 2018 Laura MacCormac

This Roof Was Wrong from the Beginning

This building’s strata hired the low bidding contractor to replace their roof. This contractor installed the roof incorrectly and the roof rotted within seven years.
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The Roof Leak

We got a call from the Property Manager about a leak. We investigated and found serious issues including several leaks, incorrect vent installations and a failing roof membrane.

roof needs to be redone

Cut Tests

Cut tests revealed the fiberboard was completely saturated.
Cut Tests

Roof Replacement

We replaced TPO roof with a 2-ply SBS Bitumen. This roof is built in layers and designed to protect the building in a way that most roofs can’t. With vents properly installed, the roof is well-sealed and the building can still breath. SBS properties give the roof flexibility to expand and contract with changing weather and temperatures without splitting and puncturing.
Here are a few before-and-after shots:






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