Roof Maintenance: Prevention is Just as Important as Repair

May 29, 2013 Laura MacCormac

When people think of roof maintenance, the first thing that comes to mind is often costly repair bills and major renovations. And while there is certainly an element of large projects involved with roofing, what few people realize is that the majority of major repair can usually be avoided with a simple preventative maintenance program. By providing regularly scheduled inspections and locating problems before they have a chance to accumulate damage, many roofing companies are actually able to prevent full roof replacements, or at the very least, delay them by a number of years.

For many people, the fact of the matter is that their rooftop takes on a sort of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ existence. As long as there are no major problems visible, they simply go on living their daily lives until an issue does present itself. This approach can actually be quite dangerous, as many roof top issues can accumulate damage for months, or even years, before the damage becomes apparent to the untrained eye. Problems ranging from animal and insect infestation to small permeations in the roof’s weather proof sealing can allow a small amount of moisture to accumulate over a long period of time, leading to the development of interior mold, rust, or even structural damage if a building’s main supports are exposed.

With regular roof maintenance, these lingering issues all but disappear. By performing bi-annual inspections, a reputable roofing company can locate and seal these types of issues long before they have a chance to accumulate damage. For just pennies on the dollar, your home or business can remain open, prevent damage, and save the infinite headaches that come along with costly roofing repairs.

It is recommended that these inspections be performed once in the early spring months, and then once again before the frost of winter has a chance to settle in. Because of the heavy water runoff associated with the spring thaw, this time period is especially important because any small permeations occurring during the long winter will be heavily exposed to the potential for water damage. During the autumn, the potential for water to seep in and then freeze during the winter poses the greatest threat. Because water expands as it freezes, the potential for structural damage is at its greatest in the early winter.

Expert recommendations should be taken seriously, especially when there is so much riding on the line. Roof maintenance may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when the seasons begin to change, but for anyone who has suffered a serious loss due to improper upkeep, it sure is.

Source: Flickr's Chris Campbell

Source: Flickr’s Chris Campbell

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