Roof Maintenance in Vancouver a Challenge

October 10, 2012 Laura MacCormac

Roofing companies in Vancouver all face the same challenge. Constant rainy conditions span over a good chunk of the year, presenting many additional difficulties for those working in roof maintenance. But that’s just part of everyday life on Canada’s west coast.

For businesses with a flat roof, performing regular roof maintenance is critical to maintaining a company’s viability. With the heavy rains and unforgiving conditions that plague the beautiful province of British Columbia, it doesn’t take long for a small problem to swell into a full flat roof replacement.

Many roofing companies in Vancouver recommend regular check-ups on a semi-annual basis to avoid the accumulation of damages resulting from the small problems that inevitably occur throughout the rainy season. To avoid a flat roof replacement, it is necessary to deal with things such as bird nests and small tears in the rubberized seals as quickly as possible. It doesn’t take very long for ice, water, and small critters to settle in to even the smallest of permeations, potentially creating major problems for building owners.

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Roofing companies, in Vancouver and elsewhere, are often shocked at the lack of roof maintenance that many business owners consider to be normal. What should have been a small repair job six months ago often morphs into a complete flat roof replacement if left unattended.

It is sad to see so many thousands of dollars being wasted on problems that should have been small repair jobs. But it is even worse to see the number of businesses forced to close their doors simply due to a lack of proper roof maintenance.

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