Roof Leaks Require Quick Response

October 19, 2016 Laura MacCormac

We see complacency a lot when it comes to roof leaks.  A tenant will notice a stain on the ceiling but will choose to leave it because there’s no water pouring out.  This is costly.  The longer you leave a roof leak, the worse the damage will get.

Slow Roof Leaks

The problem with slow roof leaks is they go unnoticed. Even if they are small and quiet they can be a huge problem.  The frame rots and causes structural damage.  Mold grows and spreads; Even insulation can become moldy and need to be replaced.
stains on the ceiling from a leak
Take this story for example.  We were called in for an emergency roof leak at a multi-residential complex.

While we were investigating we found a second leak that hadn’t been discovered yet.

It had gone unnoticed because there were no ceiling stains yet.  This customer was lucky; Most slow leaks cause severe and irremediable damage.

low nail on roof leads to slow leak
We found several low and exposed nails in the roof membrane.  They were letting in small amounts of water and needed to be sealed to stop the leak temporarily.  (As a side note, this type of roof leak will reoccur, it’s a sign the roof needs to be replaced)

Signs There’s a Roof Leak

The most obvious sign there’s a roof leak is water ingress.
It could be a roof leak
Staining is another sure sign.  By the time staining shows up damage is being done.  Don’t wait for water to start dripping.  Call us ASAP.

Musty Odours

Musty smell is mold

If you smell mold – there’s mold.  Water must be present for mold to grow.  Don’t leave it.  Call.

When you see a sign or get a report from a tenant don’t wait another second.  Call us and stop it in it’s tracks.


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