Protect Your Roof; Commercial Businesses Often Neglected

December 3, 2013 Laura MacCormac

When it comes to the daily operation of a business, there are a million and one things that need to be considered on a daily basis. Everything from purchase orders to customer service calls can dominate any given day, particularly when you are the owner of the business. Entrepreneurs are a notoriously hard-working group of people, and many pride themselves on the ability to anticipate and handle problems before they have chance to cause damage.

But one thing that often slips past even the most attentive eye is literally hanging over your head at this very moment; your roof. Commercial businesses tend to think of operations as the actual business dealings of the company, and not much more. But the ability to think strategically about property management goes a long way in ensuring the long-term success of any business.

Particularly in Ontario, weather conditions are notoriously unpredictable. Summer temperatures can soar into the high thirties, and even low forties, while winter can bring about a complete one-eighty, dumping foot after foot of heavy, wet snow. This extreme shift means that water in constantly expanding and contracting as it freezes and thaws. When this water happens to be trapped within the structure of a building, the results can be devastating.

Compromising the structural integrity of a building is a dangerous game, and for Ontario business owners, this process is indiscriminate. Everyone from florists to heavy equipment renters rely on the roof over their heads…and few can afford to shut down operations for several months in order to complete a full roof replacement.

Experts recommend regular inspections, but it also important to keep a vigilant eye on the situation yourself. When it comes to avoiding disaster, nothing compares to simply being alert and calling in the experts at the first sign of trouble.


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