Now is the Time to Schedule Flat Roof Repairs

February 14, 2013 Laura MacCormac

With spring fast approaching, the time to perform flat roof repairs and maintenance is on the horizon and gaining speed quickly. With the melting of snow and ice comes an abundance of water flow, meaning that any and all perforations in the Lower Mainland’s rooftops will soon be exposed. From mild water damage to structural collapse, the problems caused by an improperly functioning roof run the gamut from slightly annoying all the way to devastating.

When you factor in the increased rainfall that inevitably accompanies warmer weather patterns, the need for proper upkeep on commercial and residential roof tops becomes even more apparent. The unfortunate reality is that most building owners do not factor in flat roof repairs and maintenance until it is too late. By waiting until the first signs of trouble, people let the problem fester, accumulating far more damage than is necessary when compared to the bi-annual maintenance checks (which are recommended by most industry professionals).

In fact, most experts recommend holding a standing appointment with a reputable roofing company not only during the early part of spring each year, but also once in the fall. This approach ensures that melting snow and ice, along with accumulated rainfall, do not cause unnecessary damage in the spring, and that small fractures and permeations are repaired in the fall, before winter moisture has a chance to penetrate the openings. Once this occurs, the water will inevitably freeze and expand, causing a massive increase in the total cost of repairs.

Whether working with a standard rooftop or a flat roof, repairs and maintenance are the key to avoiding long-term issues that can eventually lead to tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars in damages. From lost stock to lost operational hours, there are very few businesses that can afford to sustain the damage incurred by a faulty or damaged roof. As is the case with so many other of life’s problems, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is a dangerous mentality to take when it comes to rooftop repairs.

Source: Flickr's sean dreilinger

Source: Flickr’s sean dreilinger

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