Hot Rubber Roofing According to the Pros

April 9, 2012 Laura MacCormac

Any business seeking to replace or install a roof on a commercial or industrial project will consider hot rubber roofing. The reasons are plentiful, as it is pretty much a standard in roofing no matter where you look. In this case, we will examine it through the eyes of one of the leaders in the field. Design Roofing has been a commercial contractor in Vancouver for almost three decades and among their many services offered, they make use of hot rubber. The system is called TREMproof 6100 which is ideal for concrete surfaces and waterproofing.

Hot Melt Rubber Waterproofing

The hot rubber roofing system is designed to withstand the elements and has impressive durability as well as flexibility. The adhesive offers great coverage and compensates for any structural movement, making it an extremely reliable way to keep your roof from being compromised over time. For a roofing contractor in Vancouver like Design Roofing, the superior waterproofing capabilities of their hot rubber application is the perfect shield against such a rainy climate. It also complements their long-standing tradition to quality and excellence in roofing. A roof that is properly installed will save clients many hassles and avoid expensive maintenance costs in the future.

Hot rubber is even applied to their green roof installations; projects that involve keeping Vancouver bright with green-friendly systems on top of buildings and on ground floor plazas. It is not the most well-known feature of this particular treatment, but those in the know regard it as the preferred method in the installation of any eco-friendly roof. It is a part of Design Roofing’s mission to stay as sustainable as possible. The way they see it, every effort should be made to reduce waste. With a commitment to impeccable craftsmanship, their efforts reduce waste because the number of roofs that have to be replaced is reduced due to their durability.

In short, TREMpoof’s many uses and Design Roofing’s expertise in the field have equaled an endless list of satisfied clients and an array of properties that have quality roofing that will surely stand the test of time.

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