For Commercial Roofing, Summer Maintenance Prevents Winter Headaches

July 26, 2012 Laura MacCormac

In the harsh northern climate of most Canadian cities, business owners must have the foresight to anticipate many weather related structural problems before they have the chance to accumulate, potentially leading to costly repairs. Nowhere is this concept more relevant than in the field of industrial roofing.

Although often out of sight, commercial roofing has the ability to become a real problem in a very short period of time. Because damage is often not noticed until accumulation has occurred, a faulty rooftop can easily cause tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage before ever being addressed.

Most roofing specialists recommend annual maintenance and check-ups to prevent this from occurring. Because commercial roofing is comprised of different building materials and is often subjected to different conditions than a home roof, it is highly recommended that a team of industrial roofing specialists, like those at Design Roofing, be called in to perform these yearly checks.

For commercial roofing in particular, these checks can be the difference between a small maintenance fee and the potential loss of thousands of dollars’ worth of stock and business hours. Because of temperature and weather conditions, these potential pitfalls are significantly easier to identify and address during the summer months.

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The warmth and lack of winter precipitation mean that industrial roofing repairs can be performed not only with better results, but also in significantly fewer hours. This not only saves the business owner money on billable hours, but also means that lost productivity is kept to an absolute minimum.

Of course, the roofing specialists at Design Roofing are able to work in all conditions when it comes to industrial roofing jobs. It is simply a matter of strategically timing certain maintenance tasks in order to provide the maximum value to their loyal clientele, and the warmer summer weather provides a perfect opportunity to do exactly that.

Industrial and commercial properties should have their rooftops inspected at a minimum of once per year for potential damage accumulation. From loose tiles, to damage cause by animals and weather, performing basic upkeep can easily save a business thousands of dollars in lost time and product. The summer provides the perfect opportunity to perform this basic maintenance without having to deal with the added cost and headaches associated with working through the harsh Canadian winter. The experts at Design Roofing have to expertise and experience needed to perform these tasks in a professional and efficient manner, potentially saving thousands of dollars along the way.

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