Five Consequences of Roof Leaks

February 9, 2017 Laura MacCormac

The consequences of roof leaks can really eat into your bottom line.  The longer the leak is active, the more damage is done.  So on top of the repair costs you also have to consider:

  1. The hazards it created by roof leaks.
  2. The cost to replace damaged assets.
  3. The cost to repair structural damage.
  4. The cost of housing occupants if necessary or the lost productivity.
  5. The side-effect of unhappy tenants, workers, customers.  This could affect your reputation.

leaks cause slips


  • Slip and fall hazards simply by having water dripping onto the floor
  • Fire hazards if the leak affects any electrical wiring
  • Weak structure that could cave in and potentially hurt someone

Damaged Assets

Roof leaks cause water damage to:

  • Attic, ceiling, lights and fans
  • Walls, floors, furniture
  • Computers, appliances, inventory

Roof leaks cause mold and mildew growth:

  • Building structure get weakened by mold and mildew
  • Health of tenants / employees can be affected
  • Can spread through HVAC systems making the damage even worse
  • Plants itself in carpets, furniture, and clothing making it more difficult and more expensive to get rid of

Structural Damage

  • Building frame weakens and rots
  • Drywall saturates and deteriorates

Residents / Employees

  • A roof leak can cause so much damage that tenants are unable to function in their unit and have to be put up in a hotel.
  • If it’s a facility you could have production down time.

Your Reputation

  • A roof leak that isn’t fixed right away becomes frustrating very quickly.
  • When people are frustrated and cannot control the situation they usually look to blame someone.
  • If you’re the manager, you or your company could be at risk of losing credibility.


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