Fall is the Time for Preventative Roof Services

September 12, 2013 Laura MacCormac

Ask any homeowner what their worst fears about owning a house are, and it won’t take long before a faulty roof is mentioned. Because it is the single most important factor in protecting you and your family from the harsh elements, a healthy and well-functioning roof top should and must be among your top priorities, particularly if you happen to live on the Pacific coast, where annual rainfall numbers are notoriously high.

Unfortunately, most people have a tendency to wait until it is too late to call in a roofing expert. The old adage of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ has burned more than a few homeowners who believed that unless there was something visibly wrong, their roof was most likely fine.

The truth is that most experts recommend providing regular roof top maintenance at least twice per year. One of those recommended times just happens to be during the autumn months, with the purpose of cleaning out a summer’s worth of accumulation and damage before the cold, wet weather of winter has a chance to settle in.

These roof services not only take the time to thoroughly clean out any debris left behind by animals or inclimate weather during the winter months, it also gives roofing experts the chance to provide a detailed inspection of the roof’s surface. Simply noticing a small permeation in the roof’s surface and taking the time to correctly seal it can make all the difference.

Once water has penetrated the structure, there is no telling how far the damage can go. From relatively simply problems with mold and moisture to dangerous structural damage caused by the freezing and subsequent expanding of water within the building’s frame, the list of problems caused by water penetration is a potentially long and frightening one.

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