What is an Emergency Roof Repair?

November 7, 2016 Laura MacCormac

An emergency roof repair usually happens when there’s a sudden leak that is damaging property.  You get a call from a tenant and you know it’s not something that can wait.

Roof Leak Source

We send a crew as soon as possible.  When we get there we do an investigation to find the cause. In this case it’s a split in the metal transition. It’s raining so we have to do a temporary repair.  A permanent repair requires drying time.

Roof leak is temporarily stopped with mastic

Once found we’ll do a quick temporary repair.   If we can do a permanent repair we will.  In most cases the repair is temporary; It will stop the leak but won’t fix the problem.

Here, you can see, we applied SBS mastic to temporarily seal the split.  We also installed a new bulb screen at the gutter drain to prevent debris from backing up.

Temp Roof Repair Removed

We return about a week later under better weather to make a permanent roof repair. We start by removing the temporary repair.

Primer for roof repair

We apply a primer to start the permanent repair.

Permanent Roof Repair

Next we apply flash and then fleece.

Multi-layer roof repair

After applying another layer of flash over the fleece and a bulb screen the permanent repair is complete.


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