Delaying a Roof Replacement

November 3, 2017 Laura MacCormac

Delaying a Roof Replacement has costly consequences.  Putting it off seems like a way to save money but the costs of keeping a roof that has reached the end of its life come from roof rot, loss of insurance, multiple leak repairs, electrical damage and the value of the building.

Roof Rot

Roof Rot is devastating
This is roof rot and it can have catastrophic consequences. Roof rot happens when the wood timbers have been broken down by mould and will bend like wet paper. This is what happens when roof rot spreads:

  • It breaks down structural beams.
  • Spores spread through the building, making tenants sick.
  • It damages walls and carpets beyond repair.
  • It eats away at electrical wiring.
  • The entire building becomes uninhabitable and is condemned.
  • The roof caves in.

Loss of Insurance

Commercial Roofing Re-roof
Insurance is important but it only works if you take care of the assets that are insured.  If the roof is past the end of its life, insurance won’t cover any damage that occurs.  This damage would be more than just the cost to replace the roof.  Contents of the building, lost production time or costs to house residents, even injuries won’t be covered.

Multiple Leaks

roof replacement
When several leaks occur on different areas of the roof it is time for a replacement.  Multiple leaks mean the roof is no longer functioning: it’s not protecting the building anymore. There is no point in paying for multiple repairs because the roof replacement needs to be done anyway. Delaying the replacement will just cost more in temporary roof repairs and interior damage.

Structural and Electrical Damage

corrosion of wires short spark roofing
Everyone knows water and electricity don’t mix.  Contaminants and corrosion on electrical equipment causes shorted wires, electrical shocks and fires.  When this happens, electricians get involved and the building is in need of more repairs.
Structural damage is silent at first.  Building owners think they can get away with a few more years before replacing the old roof because everything is working fine.  Due to the above mentioned roof rot, the building structure is already being damaged.  Structural beams, ceilings and walls.

Value of the Building

Lower Mainland Roofers
A new roof adds value to a building.  Not replacing the roof adds additional future repair costs and risk.  Informed buyers and investors look at depreciation reports and consider the risks associated with an old roof.  They also understand that replacing the roof results in increased energy efficiency.

Design Roofing offers Roof Replacement Financing.

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