Commercial Roofing Companies Recommend Semi-Annual Maintenance

September 7, 2012 Laura MacCormac

A commercial roofing contractor is often charged with the maintenance and upkeep of a business’s most important asset; the physical location in which business is conducted. However, most business owners rarely think about their go-to roofing company unless something has already drawn their attention to a problem.

The unfortunate reality is that this type of thinking often leads to unnecessary headaches and worse, financial losses which can easily climb into the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, most commercial roofing companies recommend semi-annual maintenance checks each spring and fall to ensure that small issues can be dealt with before they have a chance to worsen.

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A good roofing company can easily spot damage caused by animals, weather, vandalism, and any other potential threats to the average business. This damage, left untreated, can easily lead to leaks, structural damage, mold, or even loss of inventory. A commercial roofing contractor can locate warning signs which are nearly invisible to the naked eye and take steps to prevent losses long before they occur.

A single crack, left undetected for just a single season, can easily absorb enough water to cause significant damage. If this water is then allowed to freeze and expand, there is no limit to the destruction which can potentially follow. Commercial roofing companies suggest that by performing regularly scheduled maintenance in both the spring and autumn, much of these effects can be avoided.

In the fall, it is important to call in a commercial roofing contractor before the temperature starts to drop below freezing. Once the water has begun to freeze, it is not only more difficult to locate, but it also has already begun to cause damage. In the spring, thawing can lead to an overwhelming amount of water being deposited onto a structure in a very short period of time. Scheduling an appointment with a reputable roofing company well in advance of the spring thaw can be a critical step in locating problems before they have a chance to worsen.

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