Design Roofing Donates $10,000 to SHARE Family & Community Services




Responding to an Urgent Need

Design Roofing donated $10,000 to SHARE Family & Community Services because we wanted to help the community in the most efficient way possible.  Kimberly Wallace, VP at Design Roofing, noticed there were reports on the news about food banks being in urgent need of donations. Since our company provides a service that is essential and we are remaining open, she wanted to help those in our community who aren’t as lucky and may be losing wages due to COVID-19.

The great thing about SHARE is that it’s local and it provides community resources beyond just the food bank, like child like development and housing programs.

Donating Money Instead of Food

For every $1.00 donated the food bank can get $3.00 worth of food. This means SHARE can get about $30,000 worth of food for our community.  That’s a lot of food.

If businesses do what they can to help people during this uncertain time it will make recovery so much easier when this is finally past us. We hope that the donated money will help as many people in the Tri-Cities as possible whether it’s through food or support services since we know that demand on SHARE will be higher now.

Employees are Proud

Our employees do take a lot of Pride in the work that our company does to give back to our community. Everyone needs to do as much as they can right now to enable people to follow the guidelines from our health authorities to keep our community as safe as possible. It is a critical time for everybody all over the world and if everyone who can pitch in does, we will get through this so much faster and be so much stronger for it.