A Career in Roofing

January 23, 2017 Laura MacCormac

A Realistic Career Path

sunny day workingSome of our best foremen hadn’t even thought a career in roofing was going to be their path. The truth is, some of them didn’t have any future vision when they applied for a Labourer position at Design Roofing. We were lucky they did and we hired them because they had a great attitude and they fit perfectly into our company culture.

We provide training in-house and we put our Apprentices through the Industry Training Authority (ITA) Roofing program. When they complete the program they become red seal certified. Someone with no skills could start working at Design Roofing as a general labourer. They would then start formal training and become an apprentice and eventually a foreman, earning a good living that can take them through their future and help them reach their life goals and dreams. That gives a lot of hope to people who are lost or unsure about their future.

It’s About Attitude

People under-estimate the importance of attitude. There’s no measure, qualification, certification or test that proves it. It’s something we try our best to recognize.

So what is the definition of a great attitude? It depends who you ask. We look for people who are willing to help, willing to learn, are very precise, and who feel accountable for their work and want to be proud of it. Our best employees are the ones who want their co-workers to succeed and want the company to succeed. That’s our magic formula, and you need it to fit in. Every company has a different one.

We survey all of our employees every 12 – 18 months. The survey is anonymous and it takes under two minutes to complete. We find out how connected they are feeling to the organization and how positive they are about working with us. We have an idea box where employees can submit with their name attached or anonymously. We share customer feedback with all of our employees and make a point of recognizing great work.

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