Both Residential and Commercial Roof Tops Overlooked Far Too Often

January 10, 2014 Laura MacCormac

Whether we are talking about a commercial roof or a residential roof, the simple fact of the matter is that we often take for granted that the roof above our head is both strong and secure. We assume that as long as we are safe and dry for the time being, there is no need to think about rooftop repairs. In fact, it is far too common for people to simply wait until there are noticeable signs of damage before calling in a qualified roofing specialist.

Unfortunately, waiting until there are visible signs of damage is often a mistake that can lead to costly repair bills… or worse, a total roof replacement. Because roofs are essentially designed to protect us from nature’s elements, there are many layers within the structure itself. And each of these layers is if critical importance in protecting your home or place of business from the brunt of winter storms and summer rainfall alike.

Most often, damage begins to accumulate in places that are very difficult to see with the naked eye. A single loose shingle, or even a small crack in what is supposed to be a water-tight seal can easily allow water to permeate the building’s interior…which can lead to any number of problems.

Obviously, water damage to the items inside the structure is the prime concern, but there is also mold damage, air quality, pest control, and in the event of that water freezing and expanding, even major structural damage can occur as a direct result of even the smallest permeation.

Regular checks by qualified professionals are recommended for both personal and business properties, and are the only real way to ensure that you are protected against rooftop emergencies. Check with a qualified roofing contractor to help figure out an inspection schedule that works for you.

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