Birds on the Roof

February 27, 2015 Laura MacCormac

How can such a light creature cause so much damage?

They’re so cute when they’re chicks.

baby seagull

So it can be surprising to find out exactly how much damage birds on the roof can really cause.

It’s all about strength in numbers with birds.


Birds are loud and when they’re on a roof they sound ten times louder.  Their presence will annoy tenants, customers and employees in any building.  Having to walk under a line of birds on the roof to get into a building can be risky.  And if there are bird droppings around the building you could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit if anyone slips.

Did you know that birds damage roofs with their droppings?  Droppings are acidic and if left on a roof for too long, accumulating over time, they will eat away at the membrane of the roof causing leaks.  Waste can damage the toughest materials like steel and iron.  The life of a roof is cut in half when droppings accumulate.


A bird in the building is problem enough.  What happens if the roof hasn’t been maintained and there are openings in it? It’s only a matter of time before the pigeons or sparrows make the attic a home and eventually collapse the entire ceiling.  This happens to warehouses and restaurants too, not just residential buildings and houses.

Nests are a nuisance.  They cause fires, flooding and carbon monoxide poisoning.  When they nest in gutters create a dam, letting water pool, leading to leaks and damage. Nests are highly flammable and if they’re situated near electrical wires or machinery they can cause easily spread a fire. Vents and chimneys can be blocked by nests leading to carbon monoxide build up.

There’s only one answer to prevent all this; Bird-proof your roofs.  Have a reputable roofing contractor take a look and put the right tools in place such as:

Bird Spikes 2

  • Bird Spikes
  • Audio recordings of hawks attacking birds
  • Anti-Bird Flashing
  • Bird Netting
  • Protective Membrane Installation (to strengthen areas damaged by birds)
  • Bird Shock Electric Track
  • Bird Spiders


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