Post-Summer Roof Leaks: We’re Bracing Ourselves, Are You?

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Fall storms roof leaks

We have had a few leak calls in the past week because of rain.  But that’s nothing compared to what’s around the corner…

Insurance damage roof replacement

The First Fall Storm

Stratas often under-estimate the damage the sun has done to their roof.  Summer time is dry so roof vulnerabilities go unnoticed.  We are bracing ourselves because we know from over 30 years of experience that when the first storm of fall hits our phones ring all day and night.  Roof leaks are always bad after a dry, hot summer. The first fall storm is when all the roof vulnerabilities show.

roofer needs to fix

UV Rays Break Down Roof Membranes

Day after day of sun is hard on a roof.  They have layers of protection, but those layers break down over time.  Roofs that may already have issues get worse.  Roof cracks form, caulking dries and wears down, granules dry out and don’t stick as well, making them easier to get displaced.

Clogged Drain on Roof

Timing is Important

Get an assessment before the storms come. We recommend roof maintenance at this particular time of year to strengthen and protect roofs from the harsh weather that’s coming.  Getting the roof repair done after the storm will cost more than the maintenance that prevents it.  For example, renewing caulking on a vent is much easier and quicker to do than making a repair after a leak, which would also cause water damage to both the building and its contents.

Are your roofs ready for fall storms?
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Design Woofing’s Super Heroes

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Design Roofing fundraising

Design Roofing has sponsored a team to participate in The Heroes Challenge to grant a wish with Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.
Children’s Wish is an amazing Canadian non-profit that grants the heartfelt wishes of children living with life-threatening illness. Each wish is a transformational experience that brings families hope, courage, and joy, and allows them to share special moments and create lasting memories together.

The Event

The Heroes Challenge event brings together two types of Children’s Wish heroes: supporters and wish children. We are fundraising to grant a wish to an adventurous 7 year old boy, who’s wish is to go to Disney World to be at the happiest place on earth.
In support of his love for animals, twelve of Design Roofing’s employees have created the team “Design Woofing’s Super Heroes”.

The actual Heroes Challenge event takes place at the Richmond Olympic Oval on Friday, September 28, 2018
UPDATE: Today is Heroes Challenge and we are excited to get started.
Finn and Rose already have their capes and masks on. We can’t wait!

Design Woofing's Superheroes
The team is ready to go!


Our Goal

Our goal as a team is to raise $10,000. Design Roofing will match all donations up to $5,000.
Let’s come together and grant this wish– click here to donate.


We have been fundraising in a few different ways:  We received generous donations from some of our clients, vendors and staff.  We had a fundraising event and we’re selling mini plush doggies,  gift cards and drink mixes as well.

The Doggies

These four-inch beanie plush bulldogs are all a bit different. Each one has it’s own personality

The Carnival

We held a carnival event at our shop to raise funds. We had food, drinks, a dunk tank and a car smashing! Thank you to everyone who participated.
fundraiser at Design Roofing

Gift Cards

There is an easy way that anyone can help raise money along with us buy simply purchasing gift cards. You can order gift cards here, you pay and get the gift card at face value. The retailer then donates a percentage to Design Roofing Children’s Wish team – Design Woofing’s Super Heroes.

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What UV Rays do to Roofs

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The sunny days are finally here!
woman suntanning

Enjoy it but don’t be wreckless.
Woman sunburnt

UV rays are harmful to more than just your skin. Did you know they damage roof membranes?
protect roof membrane

Like sunscreen, roofs have a protective layer on the membrane that sometimes needs to be reapplied.
granules on roof

Leaving an unprotected roof exposed to the sun causes cracking and blistering – this is a major weakness that will lead to roof leaks.
roofer needs to fix

Get roofs assessed now and protect them this summer.

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Don’t End Up Helpless: Use Bird Deterrents on Roofs

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We watch from our windows as birds fly free in the air.  They might look innocent and peaceful from afar but when they settle on a roof that impression becomes an illusion. Don’t be fooled.  Keep them away or they’ll cage you in.  Here’s how:


Birds migrate north in Spring looking for a place to nest.

bird nest removal

They find a perfect spot on your property’s roof and set up home. You don’t see it happening. There are a lot of good spots on a roof, in vents, chimneys, gutters, soffits, etc. Their nests cause damage related to where they are.  For example, if they’re nesting in a gutter, water won’t drain properly and the back up could cause damage.

birds damage roofs

They get loud, smelly and destructive and your hands are tied.


Birds carry over 60 known transmittable diseases. Anyone can contract disease through physical contamination or inhalation. Their droppings are corrosive and can can melt through metal vents and roof membranes. They accumulate around the building setting you up for more than just work orders and complaints;  Droppings cause slips and falls as well as vehicle damage.

roof bird nest eggs

They are protected by law so you can’t remove them.  Read more here.


It makes you wonder why we even need birds in our lives.  Well, we do because they pollinate by spreading seeds, relocate fish eggs, eat mosquitos and other annoying insects and control weeds.  They even clean up animal carcasses our break down our garbage and waste. We need them but we have to keep things friendly.

Bird Spikes 2

The only way to protect roofs from birds is with deterrents. There are several types including netting, bird spikes, and bird spiders and bird shock electrical tracks, which condition birds to stay away from the buildings by giving a mild shock when they land.


Design Roofing now makes custom bird deterrents designed to fit perfectly on any roof and without having to wait on a supplier.

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Scheduling a Roof Replacement

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Don’t wait to schedule a roof replacement. Demand is high, timing is important and residents appreciate advanced notice.

Increasing Demand

Aerial view of a big construction site at a mall with skytrain and appartment buildings in the vicinity. Taken in Burnaby, Vancouver City, British Columbia, Canada.@0.5x
  • New construction in the lower mainland is strong and our crews are being kept busy building new roofs.
  • Buildings constructed in the 90′s are scheduling their roof replaced now (if they haven’t already).
  • Demand increases in the Fall due to a pre-winter panic that plagues indecisive stratas.

Summer Month are Ideal

Working Outside
In this neck of the woods, we make every sunny day count. The best time to get a replacement done is when days are long and relatively dry.

  • More hours of sunlight means more productive hours.
  • Avoiding rain days reduces schedule changes.
  • Suppliers are stocked and ready with supplies and materials.

Less Complaints

Condo CorpResident
Giving residents as much notice as possible reduces stress and complaints.

  • Residents can avoid planning activities that would be inconvenient, like having guests stay, planning a staycation, home renovations, etc.
  • Residents may plan to be away during that time.
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