Design Roofing Raises Funds for Our Wish Kids

September 24, 2019 designroofing

How it Started It was at a charity golf tournament in 2017 when Design Roofing’s Vice President Kimberly Wallace caught on to the magic happening at Children’s Wish Foundation. After hearing about a local teen’s wish to Disney World, Wallace stood up and urged the other golfers in attendance to match her on-the-spot $500 donation. […]


Post-Summer Roof Leaks: We’re Bracing Ourselves, Are You?

August 28, 2018 designroofing

We have had a few leak calls in the past week because of rain.  But that’s nothing compared to what’s around the corner… The First Fall Storm Stratas often under-estimate the damage the sun has done to their roof.  Summer time is dry so roof vulnerabilities go unnoticed.  We are bracing ourselves because we know from […]


Design Woofing’s Super Heroes

June 8, 2018 designroofing

Design Roofing has sponsored a team to participate in The Heroes Challenge to grant a wish with Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. Children’s Wish is an amazing Canadian non-profit that grants the heartfelt wishes of children living with life-threatening illness. Each wish is a transformational experience that brings families hope, courage, and joy, and allows […]


What UV Rays do to Roofs

May 2, 2018 designroofing

The sunny days are finally here! Enjoy it but don’t be wreckless. UV rays are harmful to more than just your skin. Did you know they damage roof membranes? Like sunscreen, roofs have a protective layer on the membrane that sometimes needs to be reapplied. Leaving an unprotected roof exposed to the sun causes cracking […]


Don’t End Up Helpless: Use Bird Deterrents on Roofs

February 26, 2018 designroofing

We watch from our windows as birds fly free in the air.  They might look innocent and peaceful from afar but when they settle on a roof that impression becomes an illusion. Don’t be fooled.  Keep them away or they’ll cage you in.  Here’s how: Birds migrate north in Spring looking for a place to nest. […]


Scheduling a Roof Replacement

February 14, 2018 designroofing

Don’t wait to schedule a roof replacement. Demand is high, timing is important and residents appreciate advanced notice. Increasing Demand New construction in the lower mainland is strong and our crews are being kept busy building new roofs. Buildings constructed in the 90’s are scheduling their roof replaced now (if they haven’t already). Demand increases […]


Nightmare on the Roof

January 30, 2018 designroofing

This Roof Was Wrong from the Beginning This building’s strata hired the low bidding contractor to replace their roof. This contractor installed the roof incorrectly and the roof rotted within seven years. Read more details here. The Roof Leak We got a call from the Property Manager about a leak. We investigated and found serious […]


Are Those Reindeer on Your Roof?

December 22, 2017 designroofing

Merry Christmas from the team at Design Roofing. Wishes for happiness and success in 2018. Emergency Service is Available 24/7 Every Day. (604) 968-7900


Delaying a Roof Replacement

November 3, 2017 designroofing

Delaying a Roof Replacement has costly consequences.  Putting it off seems like a way to save money but the costs of keeping a roof that has reached the end of its life come from roof rot, loss of insurance, multiple leak repairs, electrical damage and the value of the building. Roof Rot This is roof […]


Garbage Bags Aren’t Enough: Use a Reputable Roofer

September 7, 2017 designroofing

One of our customers called us to assess a roof after multiple leaks and roof repairs had not worked. Unfortunately they had hired a no-name company to do some badly-needed roof repairs. This company used leak seal and garbage bags as a repair. Obviously the garbage bags didn’t work. This is why hiring a reputable […]