Visual Roof Inspection vs Roof Leak Investigation

June 2, 2021 designroofing

      A roof leak investigation is much more detailed than a visual roof inspection.  It is important to understand the difference because often a free roof inspection doesn’t examine below the first layer of the roof and doesn’t look for hidden problems.  The result is two very different quotes: one showing obvious and known […]


This is Why We See So Many Roof Leaks in Fall

September 25, 2020 designroofing

        So Many Roof Leaks During the first few rainy days of Fall we get a lot of calls from our customers about roof leaks because it hasn’t rained in a while. Those roofs have been quietly protecting buildings and not getting enough rain to actually expose any damage.  It’s like pent-up […]


Decks Need Strength

September 14, 2020 designroofing

Decks are part of the roof because they protect the area below them. They are designed to function as a roof with extra capacity for human traffic and all the heavy things that get piled on them. So really, the deck provides two functions


What Will You Say When the Critters Move In?

April 22, 2020 designroofing

      Critters, like raccoons, squirrels, and birds, become unwanted tenants in the Spring.  They look for a place to nest and then they build a home for their families.  This can happen on the roof of any building – unless it’s protected. This is where Spring Roof Maintenance comes in.  Not only does […]


Design Roofing Donates $10,000 to SHARE Family & Community Services

March 25, 2020 designroofing

      Responding to an Urgent Need Design Roofing donated $10,000 to SHARE Family & Community Services because we wanted to help the community in the most efficient way possible.  Kimberly Wallace, VP at Design Roofing, noticed there were reports on the news about food banks being in urgent need of donations. Since our company […]


A Message from Design Roofing on COVID-19

March 23, 2020 designroofing

        Safety has always come first at Design Roofing and we are paying close attention to the current public health situation related to COVID-19. Design Roofing is open and operating for all services: repairs, maintenance and roof replacements. To ensure your tenant’s health and safety, as well as our employee’s and their […]


Design Roofing Raises Funds for Our Wish Kids

September 24, 2019 designroofing

How it Started It was at a charity golf tournament in 2017 when Design Roofing’s Vice President Kimberly Wallace caught on to the magic happening at Children’s Wish Foundation. After hearing about a local teen’s wish to Disney World, Wallace stood up and urged the other golfers in attendance to match her on-the-spot $500 donation. […]


Post-Summer Roof Leaks: We’re Bracing Ourselves, Are You?

August 28, 2018 designroofing

We have had a few leak calls in the past week because of rain.  But that’s nothing compared to what’s around the corner… The First Fall Storm Stratas often under-estimate the damage the sun has done to their roof.  Summer time is dry so roof vulnerabilities go unnoticed.  We are bracing ourselves because we know from […]


Design Woofing’s Super Heroes

June 8, 2018 designroofing

Design Roofing has sponsored a team to participate in The Heroes Challenge to grant a wish with Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada. Children’s Wish is an amazing Canadian non-profit that grants the heartfelt wishes of children living with life-threatening illness. Each wish is a transformational experience that brings families hope, courage, and joy, and allows […]


What UV Rays do to Roofs

May 2, 2018 designroofing

The sunny days are finally here! Enjoy it but don’t be wreckless. UV rays are harmful to more than just your skin. Did you know they damage roof membranes? Like sunscreen, roofs have a protective layer on the membrane that sometimes needs to be reapplied. Leaving an unprotected roof exposed to the sun causes cracking […]