Design Roofing: Commercial Roofing Company

Our beautiful West Coast is something we at Design Roofing believe should be looked after for future generations. As a professional commercial roofing company, we are continually striving to be as sustainable as possible.

At Design Roofing, we believe a quality initial roof installation, combined with pro-active preventative roof maintenance will increase the useful life of a roof system. The longer the life of a roof system, the longer construction materials are kept out of landfill. This helps decrease our global footprint. Based on this principle, we ensure our roof systems are installed adhering to the strongest of codes and regulations as mandated by the RCABC. Our specialists develop customized preventative roof maintenance programs for our clients focused on sustainable roofing practices.

As a Vancouver commercial roofing company, we have taken several steps to go green. Our office recycling program ensures paper, plastic, glass and aluminum products are disposed of sustainably. . Company vehicles are Flex-Fuel vehicles, utilizing up to 85% ethanol. Our wood and metal construction waste is separated and recycled through our disposal suppliers. All primers, adhesives and mastics are married prior to disposal to avoid excess waste. All of our on-site foremen are equipped with handheld tablets allowing them to communicate effectively with our office; reducing carbon emissions and paper waste. Green roof systems we install manage grey water, promote energy savings and reduce urban heat island effect. Our local suppliers also contribute to this by ensuring the products we use are locally manufactured also reducing emissions.

Let us show you how we can make your next project greener.

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