Commercial Roof System Maintenance and Repair

A commercial roof system is the first line of defense between Mother Nature and your building. Like any valuable asset, a roof system should be maintained in order to maximize its useful life and minimize repair costs.

At Design Roofing, our roof maintenance and repair division is equipped to maintain all types of roof systems. We have fully trained roof maintenance technicians working to ensure that all of our clients receive professional commercial roofing services throughout Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

In addition, our available 24-hour emergency roof maintenance services give our customers assurance that they are covered around the clock whenever they need repairs. Call us today to set up an account.

Why is Commercial Roof Maintenance Important?

Commercial roof systems in the Vancouver area are under substantial stress from heat, cold, water and ultra violet rays. As a result, roof systems are constantly expanding and contracting. Such movement in the roof system will cause it to weaken over time and accordingly, it is important to protect and to monitor the roof system from exposure to these elements.

In particular, roof cracks, blisters, moss build-up and debris build-up tend to compromise the integrity of the roof system over time. Ignoring the roof system leaves the building exposed to potential liquid damage, rot, or even fire damage, all coming at a very high repair cost. With preventative commercial roof maintenance and the associated inspections, these variables can be removed and repaired at a relatively low cost.

Preventative Commercial Roof Maintenance

A preventative commercial roof maintenance program is simply a program of scheduled inspections and corrective actions. The following three factors identify the benefits of initiating a preventative commercial roof maintenance program:

1) To Identify Parameters for Preventative Commercial Roof Maintenance and/or Eventual Commercial Roof System Replacement

The primary objective of commercial roof maintenance is to maximize the useful life of the existing roof system and minimize repair costs. It is important to inspect and to monitor the roof system in order to prolong its life and to plan ahead for eventual roof system replacement. Monitoring regularly not only ensures that the useful life of a roof system is maximized, but gives the building owner(s) a general guideline pertaining to the operating and/or capital budget, to be allotted to the roof system over time.

2) To Monitor the Commercial Roof for Damage and Debris

The susceptibility of a roof system to damage is in many cases unrelated to its age. Constant expansion and contraction of the roof system can cause it to crack and to blister, exposing the components of the inner building to possible damages or destruction. Damages by mechanical trades and vandalism are also common causes of defective roof systems.

In addition, build-up of debris can block drains or gutters, potentially leading to flooding or possible roof collapse. Excessive moss build-up or build-up of other debris can increase the risk of fire damages. As a result, it is extremely important to monitor the roof system regularly. Early detection of roof system deterioration is only feasible through planned commercial roof inspections.

3) To Eliminate Warranty Exclusions

Most roof system warranties contain exclusions from coverage if the building owner(s) fail to properly maintain the roof system. A critical component of a preventative commercial roof maintenance program is scheduling of regular inspections of the roof system and its associated components to ensure these are in proper working order.

In addition, the majority of defects in the roof system are the direct result of poor application of materials. As a result, it is critical to monitor the roof system through preventative commercial roof maintenance even shortly after a new roof system has been installed.



Design Roofing’s experience, combined with our professional approach to maintenance and repairs allows for the successful extension to the life of your shingled roof.

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"Last year the studio had a reoccurring leak...a number of roofing companies came and went but the leak was still active. Design Roofing was called, they performed repairs and spray testing...until we were dry.

Design Roofing then performed repairs to the rest of the roof areas to reduce the likelihood of further leaks over the winter and provided us with a regular roof maintenance package to extend the life of the existing roof…We can report that we have been dry ever since Design Roofing started the roof maintenance program."

- Kuno Kuenzle, Owner of Curves for Women