Garbage Bags Aren’t Enough: Use a Reputable Roofer

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One of our customers called us to assess a roof after multiple leaks and roof repairs had not worked.  

Roof in poor condition

Unfortunately they had hired a no-name company to do some badly-needed roof repairs. This company used leak seal and garbage bags as a repair.

commercial roofing company

Obviously the garbage bags didn’t work.

don't hire a cheap roofing company

This is why hiring a reputable roofer is always the best choice.

need a professional commercial roofing company

Get references and ask for photos. Don’t let this happen to your buildings.

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Views from the top

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Think the corner suite is awesome? Check out some of these views.




Commercial Roofing Vancouver
Profesional Roofer
Roofing Burnaby
Roofing Burnaby
IMG_20170309_085421_548 Joel
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Right and Wrong: Two Roofs in a Parallel Universe

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Two Roofs, Different Outcomes

Some movies use time travel to show how one decision leads to a different outcome in a parallel universe.
Books tell tales of characters choosing one of two possible routes and describe both outcomes. Hey even in school we could read “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. The technique is classic and we’re using it here to show how one choice – act fast or wait – can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’re here to talk about roofs – two roofs that were in the same situation that had very different outcomes.

Roof One

roof needs to be redone
In this case, the strata had their roof replaced seven years prior by a low-bid roofer. The material used for the roof was inexpensive and the work was done incorrectly.

roof leak
This client called us to investigate a leak in one of the units. We discovered the drywall was damp and investigated further. It didn’t take long to see what was happening.

saturated roof fibreboard
Due to incorrect vent and ducting installation, the fiberboard became saturated with water. We provided a quote to install breather vents to dry the roof without having to replace it.

The strata chose not to treat it as an emergency and it took a number of weeks for them to review the quote and make a decision. In that time the roof rotted and became unsalvageable. The difference between getting repairs done immediately and waiting four weeks will cost that strata almost $300k. And just think about that: that strata had just paid for a new roof seven years prior. This is going to hit them where it hurts.

Roof Two

water was found under the roof membrane
During a leak investigation we discovered water in the roof deck in 20 places. This was due to previous vent installations that were done incorrectly by a low-bid roofer.

water on roof vacuumed
We vacuumed the water and repaired the defected vents that were causing the water ingress.

breather vents
In this situation we were able to save the roof by installing breather vents. These vents are pulling moisture up out of the roof, drying it out, so the entire roof doesn’t have to be replaced.

It’s pretty obvious who made the right choice.  As a property manager, these choices can seem out of your control when a strata insists on putting off something that really is an emergency.

It’s also worth noting another lesson we can take from this story. In both cases, a low bid was chosen and the work done caused damage. Roof Two still had to pay around $40k for those breather vents. It’s not as expensive as having to get a roof replacement but if you add that to the original bill they paid the low-bidding roofer who incorrectly installed their roof vents, you’ll see the lowest bid is not the lowest cost.

Please share this story with your stratas and encourage them to embrace emergency decision making.

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What is White Sock Service?

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White Sock Service by Design Roofing

Professionalism is one of our key values and we put a lot of effort into making sure every aspect of our business is conducted that way.

We came up with the idea of “white sock service’ when we heard a story about a tenant who was frustrated and angry about a mess being left in their unit by a contractor.  The property manager dreaded hearing these stories.  It’s disheartening when you feel you don’t have control over something you’re responsible for.

This is the kind of thing that we want to change about the industry by raising your expectations.

Quick response times, extensive training and thorough photo reports are just a few ways we make sure you don’t have to be let down.

These white socks are a symbol of professionalism. Your tenant should never come home to a mess left by a contractor. Property Managers should be able to rely on their contractors.

Being tidy and organized is the only way we work. If you’ve seen our shiny red trucks and our pristine office you’ll know it’s true.

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Roof Drains that Look Like Potted Plants

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No one would argue that roof drains are important.  No one would argue that potted plants are pretty.  But that doesn’t mean roof drains that look like potted plants are a good thing.

weeds in roof drains
It’s been a very rainy Spring and no one would argue that either. Now those weeds are getting a full dose of hot sun. It’s the reason we’re seeing so many roof drains that look like potted plants this year and it’s real problem.

plant growing out of roof drain
Any vegetation growing in a roof drain will make it harder for water to drain, or totally block water from draining.  We all know roof drainage is key in preventing leaks.


But vegetation causes another more serious problem and that’s because of it’s roots.  If you know how fast weeds grow and spread their roots, you know this is something you’d have to act fast on.

roots causing roof damage

We never know how much damage the roots have done until we remove them.

Roots are tough and determined. They will do whatever they have to for water. Even if it means piercing a roof membrane.

Add that pierced membrane and the water build-up caused by the caused drain and you’ve got yourself a leak.

Here are a few more roof drains that look like potted plants.

roof drain vegetain
The Roof Fern

vegetation in roof drain
“Small but Hearty”

clogged roof drain
“The Hanging Basket”

plant clogging roof drain
“Young and Tough”

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